Adrien + Carmelle :: Married | Argonaut Hotel | San Francisco CA

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0005-09272013 A+C Happy 2014 everyone, i can't believe this is my first blog of 2014 ... its going to be an amazing year for Shadowing Lights and hopefully for all of you too.

I am starting the year with Adrien + Carmelle, the first time we met on Skype they energized my creativity and i fell in love with them as a couple. We spent a beautiful day at the Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco  and shooting around the area. Adrien + Carmelle had one of the most touching first looks, i am sure you will agree once you see those images.

We have a couple of surprises happening this year including introducing you to a couple of awesome associate shooters who will be joining up with Shadowing Lights, updating our website, marketing and maybe even some holiday mini sessions.

After reading a couple of articles on blogging i realized that i am apparently  including too many images into my posts (probably making up for my obvious lack in writing skills) So my first thought was WOW, cool, this will take less time! Wrong! it is even harder to narrow down a selection and i completely failed at doing so. (whoops)

chat soon,

Ceremony + reception :: Argonaut Hotel San Francisco

Hair :: Jennifer Toy

Baker :Cake a Bakin

DJ :: Mark Haggerty

Co-Shooter :: Shhivika

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