Braydon | San Francisco bay


Wow, so in a couple of days we will be approaching Braydons actual due date. It seems so crazy. Needless to say, i had a great time and this little guy completely stole my heart during our session. Thank you so much to Kimberly who has been knitting me up a storm of awesome props, i absolutely love this little aviator hat. I am looking forward to sharing a link with you all to Kimberly's etsy shop once set up is complete. I have lots more to share in the coming weeks. Oh! and something special....... My husband (John) and i are joining forces capturing all those weddings offering Photography and Cinematography we will be launching a separate website for all things wedding under the name "Shadowing Lights"  I am very excited setting everything up .. so until it make a formal announcement (whatever that is =) )  nothings changing.