John + Sarah :: Married | Farmstead Long Meadow Ranch

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08172013 S+J-560

I feel like i know Sarah and John so well, starting with their engagement session and then meeting up at two of their friends weddings this year ... along with their friends and family, we had such a great time and really enjoyed getting to know everyone. Reminiscing through Sarah and Johns day ... i am so glad we got to be apart of it. Looking forward to hearing what the future brings for you both. It was also my first wedding having Cherlyn capture beside me. Thank you Cherlyn, i am looking forward to the future.

Church :: First Presbyterian Church, Napa CA

Venue :: Farmstead Long Meadow Ranch

Hair + Makeup | Bride :: The Powder Room

Hair + Makeup | Bridesmaids :: Arrangement salon 

Florist : Wild Orchid

Baker :Model Bakery

Co-Shooter :: Cherlyn

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