Nancy :: baby bump | Riverside

I am so glad that i managed to do a quick maternity shoot for Nancy before this little buba' arrives. She is due this coming week ! lets hope for mama's sake she is right on time! This was a short and sweet session, which probably had alot to do with the fact we had two 3 year olds and a 3 month old hanging around. A little over a year ago, Nancy and i met at our local park where our kids play. I spotted Nancy across the swings, and thinking "she doesnt look like a crazy person" and made my way across to say hello. Nancy probably thinking "whos this crazy person coming to talk to me" (i guess we will never know hehe) Anyways, with our daughters being so close in age it turned out to be perfect. We had a quite a few chats in those beginning days of friendship of when we would be having another baby...... pretty sure we would be waiting awhile. Flash forward today, and here we are with our second daughters just over what will be 3 months apart.  Actually come to think about it Lailah + Indie are also around 3 months apart. I cannot wait to meet this new little girl and to capture her and her sister Lailah. I photographed Lailah awhile back, such an amazing little girl! you can see that session here.

Nancy, I am sure everyone will agree ... you look amazing!