Nicole + Ken :: Married | Farina | San Francisco CA

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Another awesome couple of 2013. The rain came down in floods in San Francisco on their wedding day. Everyone seemed to move forward into a new plan with ease. It was such a good example of embracing your day, no matter what mother nature has in store  for you. We can only worry so much about something like the weather, i think it may be better to wake up in the morning and look out the window and think ... what adventures are in store for today rather than have any disappointment over something we have no control over. they didn't panic even though their ceremony was set for outside and you know.... the weather cleared up just in time and it was a beautiful day all around.

We shared a perfect day celebrating with Nicole + Ken in an intimate wedding in San Francisco on the rooftop of farina restaurant. A perfect location for these love birds.

Ceremony + reception :: Farina Restaurant

Makeup :: Lexie

Co-Shooter :: Cherlyn

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