Our short visit to Sydney | San Francisco bay Area Photographer

I wont lie, the thought of immigration to Australia did pass my mind. Wow, Sydney is great place and it reminds me so much of my home town (Cape Town, South Africa) ... with a few differences.

After almost 2 years it was so nice to head down to the southern hemisphere. Traveling with my family for the first time was very interesting ... traveling with a baby = 3x the amount of luggage and having to think about all sorts of things for the flight. Going through security is a laugh. especially when all you can think about is making it to the closest changing station before your child's diaper explodes :)

We had such a warm experience, which i can thank the B family for, who made us feel so welcome. A weeks worth of amazing meals and awesome company all topped off with a beautiful wedding. Thank you so much guys!

Would i travel again with a baby?

Oh yeah!

Hopefully our next trip will be down to South Africa where my family can finally meet Indie.