30 Days of Indie

family documentry photography.jpg

To celebrate my new website and branding, i thought it was time to actually start blogging ... or rather journaling (that sound so much better and less scary to me) I have so much to catch up on, its quite ridiculous. With the new year and my little inward promise to myself to capture more of my own family, because honestly you really don't know what you missed until you look back on your own photographs and wish you had taken more...more ... more.  Memory fades, this cant be helped. These photographs and little images of time help me remember, even down to the weather and the smells. So, my first blog/journal on my new site is of a project i got involved with last year. One month of daily documentary photography. This is Indies month from May 2016. She was toothless, it was adorable those teeth have already grown in. it feels like yesterday. Time moves so fast for these little ones as we go about our daily adult lives.