Berkeley weddings

Mr + Mrs Kohut :: Married | Brazilian Room Tilden Park Berkeley


  0225-08222014 K+NThe day started and ended beautifully for Katherine + Nick.  We had some great cloud cover, a bonus if we are ever shooting midday. The fog came in through Tilden and it created a beautiful backdrop as it moved through the trees.  Katherine and Nicks accent color yellow, really was beautifully contrasted with the sky and grey in the bridesmaids dresses and mens suites.

I have been trying my choose fewer images for my blog posts, but i am failing. Next time i will try harder. wish me luck.

Venue :: Brazilian Room

Coordinator :: Kit Shires

Florist :: Poppy's Petalworks

Cake + Deserts :: Carolyn Wong

Hair + Makeup :: Pdartistry

DJ :: Quantum Music

Cinematography :: Motionscope

Co shooter :: Cherlyn 

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