napa country wedding

Mr + Mrs Cunningham :: Married | Healdsburg Country Gardens

576-M+J 08092014A charming wedding set in the beautiful Healdsburg Country Gardens a few weeks ago was a perfect setting for these two with thier classic country wedding with some delicate vintage touches.  I really enjoyed getting to know Michelle and Jake a little more through the eyes of their family and friends, i always feel as though i am entering a secret world of love, friendship and magic. All the best for your beautiful future.

Venue :: Healdsburg Country Gardens

Coordinator :: Heald Wedding Consulting 

Florist :: Floral Designs by Heather Hendrickson

Cake + Deserts :: Petaluma Pie Company

Hair + Makeup :: The Powder Room

DJ ::  AMS entertainment

Band :: Wine Country Entertainment

Co shooter :: Cherlyn 

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