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Amy + Alex :: Married | San Diego Botanical Gardens | California

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110213 A+A-629 This is the awesome Amy + Alex who officially were Shadowing Lights last wedding of 2013 .  I have been so excited to blog this wedding for them and their friends and family, who we had a blast with. I am not sure how many people will relate but, i know someone out there will ... resistance ..... the resistance you meet when you are finishing a project ... oh it is serious! it gets me the most is when i am coming to the end of something big. A big year with many ups and downs coming to a close ... in my mind it was bitter sweet so see it all come to an end even though I'm well on my way into 2014.  What a great way to end the year celebrating with Amy + Alex. These guys had a great story of how they ended up where they are today as Mr + Mrs but ultimately these guys are full of fun.  Ceremony time 4:23 pm might  says it all.

Ceremony + Reception :: San Diego Botanical Gardens

Wedding Coordinator :: Coastyle Events

Hair + Makeup :: Secret Salon

Wedding Belt :: January Rose bridal

Bakery :: Under The Crust

DJ :: DJ Music Phreek

Bus Transportation :: Grand Pacific Charter

Co-Shooter :: Nolwen

Cinematographer :: Wonderland Cinema

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