Victoria + Kyle :: Trash The Dress | San Francisco

Welcome to our first official blog post on Shadowing Lights. A few asked why i was making more work for myself in creating a new brand. Well, Im a sucker for punishment! actually it has been so much fun creating something that is both John's and mine. Emma Williams Photography is still here and going strong - you will find all our bumps, birth, babies, children and family sessions there. Who knows what the future holds ...Emma Williams Photography might integrate with Shadowing Lights ... or there might be something else up my sleeve besides a lost cheerio (how'd that get there)

On to what this post is really about ..... lovely Victoria+Kyles "trash the dress"  it was cold, windy and at the ocean brrrr ! Thankfully this was not the first time to work together so we were able to get back to warmth and sip a coffee after not too long. I am going to miss these guys, so fresh and in love ....

We wish you both the best in love + Light